Hurricane Season Starts June 1st – Be Prepared*


  • Remove items from balcony. If your shutters fail, stored items could become projectiles. Close and LOCK all shutters.
  • Remove any items you have on the catwalk, including floor mats.
  • Firmly close storm/screen door.
  • Turn off water if evacuating.
  • Clean out your refrigerator if evacuating.

If you are NOT evacuating, let Management know.

Condo caretakers are recommended for non-resident owners.

The Association is NOT responsible for securing your unit.

The Association website and email will be the primary method of communication provided those services have not been interrupted.

*For more information, click on the Hurricane Information link on the web site menu.


Please keep all balcony lights off.  For more info, go to


The dumpster is here! Please put anything you no longer need in the dumpster. Also, check the items you have in the storage room that you no longer use.


HOTWIRE Support Numbers
TV: 833.354.2704
Customer Service: 800.355.5668
Account Set-up: 833.789.2002

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