Windows & Sliders

Per board meeting decision 3/28/24 (4-1 in favor), individual owners are allowed to change their windows & sliders as long as they meet SDS requirements.

The contractor must be a certified contractor. The manufacturer must be an approved SDS manufacturer (approved windows will be available within 4 weeks).

Owner is responsible for all costs, including permits and engineering.  Owner is responsible for repairs and maintenance as long as they own the unit.

This is not a requirement. This is an option if you do not want to wait for the Association to replace your windows.  If you wish to do this, please contact the office.


The Dumpster is Here

Place any trash that doesn't go into the regular garbage in the dumpster.
If you have any unwanted bicycles in good condition, notify the office. If there are enough unwanted bikes, we will call for a charity to pick them up. Bikes in poor condition can be put in the dumpster.


Turtle Season 2024

Please click the link below for information about turtle season: 

Turtle Season March 1 - November 15